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I Trust You

The three magical words !!! Sorry sorry I know your mind would think of something else , So I would redefine it as the three Powerful words that can change your life.  Nowadays the word trust has been taken for granted. I remember there was a serial title song on this word in Telugu, it was quite popular and had nice meaning in it.

A very common human nature when we can’t appreciate or face good things we tend to make a joke of it and laugh at it. Like we did it on Sardarji’s in the past, currently we show it in the form of our Facebook trolls. Similarly was the case of this song, which was made a parody for many films.


 Dictionary and Wikipedia give wordy descriptions and synonyms for the word ‘trust’ but in the actual sense it simply means blind belief. I would explain this with an example because I believe examples always connect quicker than descriptions.

I guess everyone is quite familiar with the characters of Arjuna, Ekalavya and Dronacharya from our Mythological stories if you aren’t then try asking your parents or Google it. I would suggest the former because the kind of expression your parents give when you ask them, Google can never give it in its lifetime.

Jumping back into the topic, Eklavya’s trust that Dronacharya would teach him archery made him learn his passion from a clay idol and Arjuna’s trust on Dronacharya’s words when he said “I will make you the greatest archer of all time” gave him confidence to fight against all the odds to become the finest archers in the world.

Trust is the base for every relation and organization to succeed and it ignites sense of responsibility and confidence in every individual who experience it. That’s the reason I call it powerful word.

Unknowingly we have all experienced the magical power of trust in our childhood. Remember how your mother used to throw you high and caught you gently again, but if stranger did the same thing with her child, surely her heart beat gets stuck for a second. But there is no change in the kid’s joy because unknowingly or blindly he trusts his mother and the stranger.

Our growth and trust share an inverse relation. As we grow we tend to loose trust. We don’t trust our parents because we are afraid that they are going to become dependent on us, we don’t trust our siblings with whom we shared our every secret in our childhood because of the share in the property, we don’t trust our friends because they might turn against as competitors, we don’t trust our colleagues because they might mislead us, we don’t trust our boss because he/she might take an advantage , we don’t trust our wife because we are afraid that she might leave us anytime, we don’t trust our children because we are afraid that they might get into wrong things. 

The words may/might define future but when you have present in your hands why worry about the future!!! Just correct it with the three powerful words ‘I Trust You’ and all the problems solved.

If you have a son and if you feel that he drives little rash “son I trust you but I recommend you to take care of yourself while driving” this would surely prick him when he tries to drive rashly next time. If you are a boss just say your employee “I trust your abilities and I know you would do wonders “.and this this would surely indulge a sense of responsibility in him and the best way to make your colleagues as your friends and your friends as your best friends just say these powerful words “I trust you” and you would surely feel the difference.

I would conclude this by saying bring those three powerful words into your life and make it more magical .