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Through Years: 14 Products Shaped Apple's Legacy

Through Years: 14 Products Shaped Apple’s Legacy

Apple, the messiah in technology, is all about history, heritage and culture. An Apple product can simply make people go gaga, as it has the creativity of gifting the owner with a feel of holding something that truly defines geek and glamor.

 Over the past 36 years, Apple has been through a lot of ups and downs across different platforms. Still the company has created at least 13 unique platforms, each having its own variety of software. Some of these flopped utterly in the market, while some of these are still in our pockets, credited to be as ‘my favorite gadget ever.’ If you go around asking people to name some of Apple’s finest computing products, then you probably would get three answers: Apple II, the Mac and iOS. But the history is all beyond that.

With that said, it’s time we take a historical trip across Apple’s times of yore, fully-loaded with prosperity, opulence and richness, reported by CIO.

Mohammed Sameed Mohiuddin

Mohammed Sameed Mohiuddin

Mohd.Sameed Mohiuddin is pursuing final year in EEE from Vignan Institute of Technology and Science and wants to change himself first before he reaches out to change the society. He loves to lead people and learn from everyone. He is also a Vice President of Vignan Robotics Club and member of Academia Edu,