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They Killed Mathematics

They Killed Mathematics!

The Mysticism of an equation in various functions of the beloved ’x’ lies in the points it represents in an open space, divided into quadrants. It was charming, attractive and intoxicating as it gave us a vague Idea on how to jump boundaries of space and time, it somehow seeded this hope to uncover and discover some new dimension. The perfection of these curves, the-exactly-they-should-be-ness of these awesome curves helped mathematics to rope us into its exquisite labyrinth.

It has now lost its charm, if not it definitely seems so. The hence glorious and splendid now just looks like a jumbled mess of unknowns (or even worse self-defined variables), It has been narrowed down to working out a logical pathway to a result we already know, The fight has lost its vigor as Impossibility is not a Possibility anymore, and the “guaranteed no-failure” makes success seem so much less real and so much less Awesome.

Karhik Dhiman

Karhik Dhiman

A mislaid Engineer, trying to comprehend life and its complexities.