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The Republic of India

The Republic of India




Uchchhala-Jaladhi Taranga

A happy Republic Day to entire India,

On behalf of a poor man, uncovered by any national media

I had a schooling of fourteen years

But later I had discontinue on the request of my mother’s tears

As a student, I loved the day of the Tri-Colour flag

The inspirational speeches always made me forget about my rags


Unfortunately, I left the school in search of work

And joined a junior college as an office clerk

The students were so good, always addressing me a brother

Their talents made me dream of a nation as beautiful as a flower

I enthusiastically decorated the college for the Republic Day

Expecting it to be a very special day

But, to my distress, the day ended with Zero percent presence

For, no student is interested in attending a college when there is no attendance.


Depressed at this disappointing incident

I entered a corporate office as an office assistant

The people there would never salute me back

As they have no time to at least laugh at a joke that they crack

As usual I eagerly waited for the nation’s very special day

But, you know what; everyone was out of station enjoying the Holiday


And thus my days passed on and on

With me changing my position every now and then

And, at no place did I spend more than a year

For, it was always humiliating to see our flag fly alone without any near and dear


The military said that they don’t mind it, for, they see the flag everyday

And the government servants found nothing more important that an outing on a holiday

The schools and colleges found it a formality

And for the politicians this is the best option to improve their publicity

The police found it a part of their duty

And for the media nothing is more important than it cover these incidents in reality


So, here I am, a poor Indian citizen

Writing to all the patriotic men and women

Wishing them all a happy republic day

For whom the tri-colour meant something more than just a holiday

Mounika Vurity

Mounika Vurity

Mounika is pursuing her graduation in Mass Communication and Journalism. She is a talktive but at the same with her pen too. She is a socialist, environmentalist and feminist. Also an active member of NSS and USM. Loves to write about poetry and views on the society in India. Not to forget, she loves to sing and also loves reading too.