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The New Indian Youth

It is said that ‘it is the youth of today who would decide the country’s tomorrow.’ If so, what kind of future could be decided by a youth who are becoming increasingly self-centered? Every decision taken by them is pre-calculated, carefully weighing the gains that could be got out of it. Today’s Indian youth have started living for their selfish desires. So where have the days gone when the youth thought love and kindness greater assets than monetary gains.

Gone are the days when education was given and received to enhance and broaden our perspective of life. Earlier the Indian youth chose a job because they loved it and were passionate about it, but nowadays they choose a job keeping in mind the money they could make out of it. Today successful person is seen as the one who has lots of money and not as someone who has worked hard to reach his goal. Today’s youth don’t see education as a chance to broaden their knowledge but as a necessity to get a job with a high salary. With the coming of globalization in India, the Indian youth’s thirst for a comfortable life endowed with riches has increased. Even the educational institutes of today have become more business minded. These institutes have become just another money making business. If the educational institutes themselves have forgotten the true meaning of education how can we expect the students to be any different. From childhood, the youth have been taught that life is a race and those who are the fastest can be the only ones who would reach the top. But in their hunger to reach the top they forget the ones who helped them to reach their goals.

There was a time when family’s love was all that was needed for a happy life.  But today’s generation is becoming increasingly materialistic. They are never satisfied no matter how much money they have. Their sole goal is to hoard more and more money. To lead a comfortable life they have started to undermine the more important things in life such as family ties. Even when helping others they think of what they could from it. They don’t care if their actions hurt someone as long as they benefit from it. For them theirs is the only feeling that matters and not that of others. Rather than helping the unfortunate they seek to use them as steps to reach the top. Most have started to put on a fake persona just to win more friends and popularity.

Youth are an indispensable part of a democracy. India’s development can only be possible through the youth , but if today’s youth don’t stop behaving the way they are the future ahead is a dreary one, a future in which only a select few control the power .Technological and developmental growth is not enough for the eradication of poverty and disparity from our country. The youth have to learn to care about others. They should learn never to tread upon anyone to reach the top but rather work together. A better work force is only possible when the youth are passionate about the job they choose, rather than being only interested in money-making. The youth should remember that happiness and satisfaction is not gained through money but through simple pleasures of life.

Reading through the article you may think that I have just focused on the negative aspects of today’s youth but maybe the feeling of anger, the rebelliousness that rises in them to defend their position is important to move them away from their complacency that they live in today. Yes, they rebel, but rarely for a larger, dissociated cause. I will be a hypocrite if I say I am not like the youth that I described in my article. I am one of them. I don’t claim to all know, in fact I am far from it. I have a lot to learn and a lot to experience.

Maxine Mathew

Maxine Mathew

Maxine is an undergraduate from Delhi studying her English Honors. She is an aspiring writer who looks forward on writing something one day which would last through ages. She is also a compulsive bibliophile.