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Pragyan 2014

The National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli presents Pragyan’14, the tenth edition of the ISO 9001:2008 certified International Techno-management festival. This being NITT’s Golden Jubilee year, we are all set to break records and recreate history. With a host of new and exciting events lined up ranging from robotics and management to coding and crime solving, this edition of Pragyan promises to cater to the needs of all. Pragyan’14 gives you an opportunity to win up to 1.2 Million INR. (more…)

Kenguru - A Car Specially Made for the Disabled

Kenguru – A Car Specially Made for the Disabled

Sometimes, life can be cruel.  Cruel enough to rob someone the use of their legs for the rest of their lives as current medicine and technology is too risky, too taboo, or too expensive to seek out.  We’d like to see these people as ordinary people who don’t need any help.  They’re just like us – they just can’t use their legs anymore.  Sometimes it works, but there is an area where paraplegics always manage to feel humbled by their handicap: transportation. (more…)