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Is MS Dhoni The Best Captian India Has Had?

Is MS Dhoni The Best Captian India Has Had?

Two days ago, 7th of July is his birthday. Call it coincidence or anything; this article about him is my birthday gift to him. ‘Him’ here is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.MS Dhoni, captain of Indian cricket team, greatest captain India has ever produced, the most successful captain of the cricketing world. Who would have imagined that amidst players like Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid a player, a leader will emerge and mark the beginning of a successful era for Indian cricket. (more…)

A View on Match Fixing in Cricket

Fixing is not a new word in the world of sports. Accepting huge amounts of money, expensive accessories, and gifts from match fixers (bookies) to perform poorly which leads to their team’s defeat is regarded as fixing in Sports. Commitment towards nation, towards people who believe them to be their super heroes, who believe that these sportsmen will make them proud by winning, that belief that commitment that feeling disappears, nullifies because of fixing.

What makes life even more beautiful, exciting is its unpredictability. We never know what’s in stake for us the next moment. Fixing in sports takes away that excitement. Fixing in sports is like fooling people. Cheating millions of people just for money is a no good thing. But why do they do that, why the money, the wealth becomes more than respect towards nation, love they get from the people. Well there are some reasons.

  • We are living in the 21st century where money and only money is most important. Desire to be rich is not wrong but taking shortcuts to achieve what u want, to fulfill your desires is certainly wrong. People who fall prey to match fixing are basically the one who want to be rich overnight. Values morals doesn’t matter, the only things that they think about is being rich and hence involve in match fixing.

Cricket being an obsession in our country is certainly the most talked about sport. Over the past decade, Indian cricket has been rocked by scandals related to match fixing. What is significant here is that most of the cricket match-fixing scandals that have occurred in the last decade have had to do with the Indian subcontinent. In the year 2000, the whole nation was startled to hear the names of well known cricketers like Salim Malik, Mohammad Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja and Manoj Prabhakar’s involvement in match fixing. While Ajay Jadeja faced a ban from cricket for five years, Manoj Prabhakar was disqualified from holding any post in the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India), and Azharuddin, Malik were awarded life time banishment from cricket. It’s not only our cricketers but also crickets from countries like Pakistan, South Africa, and Sri Lanka, Australia have been involved in fixing scandals.

Latest fixing scandal is IPL. With several players already being punished, we can expect many more shocks. So there is a need to curb, stop this match fixing, and make the sport pure in all aspects. The era when we had Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman was the golden era for Indian cricket. There is no dearth of talent in our country, but sportsmen need to get inspired from our cricketing greats, follow their values, and learn from them.

  • Self realization is important. Young cricketers need to realize the importance of commitment towards the people who believe them and the nation. They must understand the fact that money is not everything. Respect is what matters.”Let your conscience be your guide”.

  • Betting in our country is Illegal. But in the UK, where sport betting is regulated and a thriving industry, there are rare instances of player involvement in match fixing or even scandals of this nature. To tackle the problem, experts have suggested that legalization and regulation of gambling is probably the best solution. Banning is not going to help, as it will only motivate the industry to operate underground, as is the case with India, where the illegal gambling industry is worth almost 2,000 crore rupees. However, the public should demand solutions to match fixing.

  • Law makers of our country are very keen to bring out new a law which strictly punishes the people who indulge in match fixing. As viewers all we can do is hope.

IPL Spot Fixing Scandal : More To It Than Meets The Eye

The past few days have been nothing but heart breaking for  all the cricket fans around the world, more so in India were cricket is more than a sport it’s a religion .Match fixing is pretty synonymous with the Indian cricket . In the year 1999, that people we made aware of the match fixing scandal and  Mohammad Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja faced allegations of match fixing .But the first thing that BCCI did was ban them for life the decision was however overturned which is another matter. But back then atleasttheBCCI acted swiftly.Fast forward to 2013 what does the BCCI do when the spot fixing scandal comes out to the public they try to downplay the whole scandal and what more the IPL continues even though there might be a possibility that the competition may be rigged.

Clearly there’s lack of leadership in the BCCI or is it because even the governing body might have been involved in this match fixing scandal. The first thing that the BCCI should have done is to stop the competition when the scandal broke and  an internal probe should have been conducted to find the root of this cancer called match fixing. Because even the IPL is a limited company unless the probe is conducted and the guilty are brought to justice the IPL can’t and shouldn’t take place next year. Unless u can be sure that the competition is not rigged how can one conduct a competition. It’s like taking part in a running race knowing the winner is gonna be the organizer’s relative.

The sponsors have to put pressure on the BCCI to clean up this mess because the sponsors are huge global brands with their reputation at stake. SAHARA INDIA group have taken a bold step to stand up to the BCCI and they ought to be commended for their act. More of the franchisees and sponsors have to follow this lead. Just remember  how Tiger Woods was treated because of his illicit relationship, match fixing is far worse than a casual fling. JUVENTUS F.C an Italian football club were stripped of their 3 titles and were removed from the first division of the Italian league.

The main stumbling block for the police is that BCCI is an independent body which is not accountable to any higher authority. Over the years BCCI has become too  powerful so the board members can do anything and not be responsible or accountable for anything because of the lack of transparency in the system. But I guess no cricket fan in India wants to see the IPL not carrying on , but people have got to look at the bigger picture unless the whole organisation is ripped apart we can make a clean start.

The BCCI has become too powerful because no other sport in India has got such following like cricket has got. Is it time that us Indians start turning our loyalty towards other sports?