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Student Led Design Conference SLDC in VIT

ASME India has been striving in enhancing its student sections’ activities. The Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) and Student Professional Development Conference (SPDC) have already gained a reasonably good fame across the country. On the request of the upcoming and existing student sections, the active ASME members and volunteers had decided to have a zonal level activity which resulted into inaugural version of SLDC 2015. The name Student Led Design Conference (SLDC) has been considered, as the event primarily targets the technical activities of the students sections. The prime motto of the event was to improve the technical strengths of the ASME affiliate members among already existing student sections and starting up new sections. It also aimed at active participation of students which increased awareness regarding ASME and its activities round the year ultimately helped in elevating the quality participation in SPDC-2016.

With the same aim and to gear up even better, SLDC-2016 is set to be held across India at various zones.

ASME VIT is one of the proud hosts of SLDC 2016. The event will be held in Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore from 21st to 23rd October, 2016. The structure of the event is discussed further.


Competitions and their specifications


  • Invention Showcase


Invention showcase is one of the five competitions to be organized under the event, Student Led Design Conference (SLDC) organized by ASME VIT. As the name suggests, this event features the identification of problems and coming up with an appropriate solution. Maximum of 3 participants are allowed per group while the minimum can be as low as one.

Following are the points to be kept in mind while evaluating this competition which would act as criteria for participants.

  • It should be a real time problem faced by the industries
  • It should be multi-disciplinary and
  • It should comprise of team work.



Each team would present their solution to the problem and research work. Participants have to present their individual contribution towards the research work, from which individual performance can be easily evaluated.



Scoring Criteria:

  • 20 points – Involvement of more than one engineering discipline students – (Since, students need to develop networking skills among themselves).
  • 20 points – Necessity of Problem / Impact of Problem statement.
  • 20 points – Feasibility and practicality of the solution including cost.
  • 20 points – Use of Physics and engineering principles.
  • 10 points – Presentation and communication skills.
  • 10 points – Team work / Involvement of team.


Winner team is awarded with cash prize of Rs. 3000 and runner up team is awarded with Rs. 1500.


  • Student Design Challenge (SDC)


The Student Design Challenge provides a platform for participants to present their solutions to a range of design problems – from everyday household tasks to groundbreaking space exploration. Each team is required to design, construct and operate a prototype meeting the requirements of an annually determined problem statement.

The Student Design Challenge showcases the extraordinary talents of mechanical engineering students while encouraging them to develop innovative ideas towards an improved quality of life for all.

The problem statement for this year is ‘Lighter than Air UAV’.

Winner team is awarded with cash prize of Rs. 6000 and runner up team is awarded with Rs. 4000.


  • Presentation Competitions

The Presentation Competition is divided into several sub categories aiming at enhancing and developing the interior skills like speech, presentation, development and creativity.


  • Oral Presentation


An engineer, like any other professional, must possess a well-developed ability to communicate, both, orally and in writing. This competition is designed solely to emphasize on the value of having an ability to deliver oral presentations individually.


Winner recognition

The winner bags prize money of 1500 INR.


  • Technical Webpage Presentation

This webpage competition intends to encourage the delivery of visual presentation using webpage technology. The subject matter for the presentation needs to be related to an area in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


Winner recognition

The winner bags prize money of 1500 INR.


  • Video Presentation

The Old Guard Video Presentation competition lays great emphasis on the value of an ability to deliver clear, concise and effective presentations individually to an audience, particularly pertaining to some scope in which an Engineer either is, or should be involved.


Winner recognition

The winner bags prize money of 1500 INR.


  • Technical Poster Presentation

The poster competition is designed to lay emphasis on the ability to deliver a visual presentation individually to an audience. The subject matter must be related to some area in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


Winner recognition

The winner bags prize money of 1500 INR.


  • Host Choice Events


This is a part of competition dependent on host which should basically aim at the following two things:

  • Should test the fundamentals of Physics of the Participants and ,
  • Should be “Learning with fun” kind of event.


As part of the host choice, ASME VIT would be organizing ‘Stratagem’, ‘Dominoes ‘ & ‘Formula Balloon’.


As part of the host choice, ASME VIT would be organizing an event called ‘Stratagem’.

Have you ever built something that appears strange or unnecessarily complicated? If not then discover, design, develop, complicate, convolute and interweave. Prove your mettle by unlocking your imagination and building the most complex structures to make the object fly, swing, swirl, and travel. ‘Stratagem’ turns on its head in that where most other events seek to simplify a complex problem, this requires you to enthral the judges and the audience with your ability to convolute the most simplest of actions with an infinite array of steps.



Key points

  • The event will consist of 2 rounds.
  • Round 1 is selection of designs — All the teams will be given half an hour to present their designs on paper.
  • Round 2 is building the contraption — All the selected teams will be given 2 hours to complete their contraptions. The problem statement will be given beforehand.
  • The event will consist of 3 modules which, if included by the participants in their designs, will be given extra points.
  • It is not mandatory that you include all these objects. However, for every use of the object mentioned in the module, 10 points will be given.



Dominoes is an all popular game, which includes the use of Domino tiles. This involves standing them on end in long lines so that when the first tile is toppled, it topples the second, which topples the third, etc., resulting in all of the tiles falling. By analogy, the phenomenon of small events causing similar events leading to eventual catastrophe is called the Domino effect.

Arrangements of millions of tiles have been made that have taken many minutes, even hours to fall. This arrangement is not only interesting and pleasing to the eye, but it also has scientific uses like a Domino computer.

So, get ready to build your own sequence of tiles and watch as you please the judges with your ‘Domino effect’.

Formula Balloon:

Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ applies here. This event will check the technical strength of the participant and the decision making skills of the team. The event will be presented by ASME VIT as part of the Student Led Design Challenge (SLDC) 16’.

In this event participants will have to use the thrust power from balloon to move the chassis and frame. Air filled balloon has to be used as power source. Chassis will be chosen by participant out of the choices provided to them like bottles/cardboard or any other light weighted body.

The participants will be familiarized with all the necessary concepts before the competition. These concepts will come in handy during the competition and the attention of every participant will be crucial.

In the first stage, the participant will have to select the type of chassis, half of the fate of his/her depends on this decision.

In the next round, there will be a race through which participants will get eliminated one by one till the winner is decided.



1) Only the use of balloon as power source is allowed.

2) Any external support to the vehicle will be treated as malpractice and will lead to disqualification.

3) Any rules or information are subject to change and nothing could be held liable against the coordinators or the university staff.

4) In such case, the decision of the management and organizing committee would be final.


Judging Criteria-

Team which survives till the last will be considered as the winner.


  • Student Training Conference

Student Training Conference is organized at every host section to promote ASME among all the student section leaders in India. They will be made aware of all the scholarships and grants and various other initiatives of ASME. This will provide them a platform to network and develop professionalism and also get aware of the various events organized in different colleges.  The STC will be conducted by the ZR’s of Zone-8, SRB committee as well as active and experiences ASME members and volunteers.



  • Expert Sessions

Staff Engineer by Ashok Leyland:                                                                                                               Automotive Industry

Chief Guest address:                                                                                                                                       Automotive Sector

Dr. Nageswara Rao from ISRO:                                                                                                                    Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing

CFD Workshop by Dr Padmanathan

Lalit Bhise, CEO, Distiman and Mobisy Technologies:                                                                   Entrepreneurship and Start Ups

Dr. Veerabadhran Anguswamy (10 years exp in DRDO, 3 years in DGQA – Ministry of defence): Weapons Technology



  • Robo Events

Formula Bot:

Formula Bot is a robotics racing event presented by ASME VIT as part of the Student Led Design Challenge (SLDC) 16'. The event is sure to attract robotics enthusiasts and experts. The event is sure to be fast, furious and a delight for technical lovers.

The details of the event are as follows:

Round 1, Qualifying Round:

In this round, the robot is required to complete a track. The track will be laid with obstacles. The timing of completion will be noted. If any obstacle is skipped, the necessary amount of time will be added to the total.

Round 2, Elimination Round:

The qualifying teams will have elimination races, one on one on a suitable track. These races will continue till all but one teams have been eliminated.


– The dimensions of the robot will be 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. No tolerances will be allowed.

– The decision of the judges will be final.

Prizes worth Rs10,000 are up for grabs. The registration fee is Rs200.

Come, be a part of an amazing race!


Robo Fear Factor:

ASME VIT proudly presents Robo Fear Factor, an event taking place as part of the Student Led Design Challenge (SLDC) 16’. The event provides a platform for robotics teams and enthusiasts to witness innovation in the field.

The details of the event is as follows:

Round 1, Qualifying Round:

The Robot will be made to go through a ring three times. The first time, the robot has to pass through the ring, from inside and should touch the ring. The second time, the robot has to touch the ring from outside. The third time, the robot has to pass from inside the ring, without touching the ring.

Round 2, Compete in Arena:

The qualifying teams will have an exciting round ahead. In this round, the robot has to perform stunts in an arena, consisting of sand, gravel and a few impromptu items. Points will be given according to the quality and innovation of stunts.


  • The robot should be of 30cm x 30cm x 30cm dimensions. A tolerance of 5cm is allowed.
  • The judges decision will be final.

Prizes worth up to Rs10,000 are up for grabs. The registration fee is Rs200.

So, get ready to witness breath taking stunts, performed by robots.



  • Online Events

CAD Quest:

CAD Quest is an exciting online event presented by ASME VIT as part of the Student Led Design Challenge (SLDC) 16’. For all design enthusiasts and creative engineers, CAD Quest provides a platform to build and grow.

The problem statement will be released on the 17th of October, 2016. The participants have to build a 3-D model as part of the solution to the problem statement. The participants will have to send a PDF file and the 3-D model file to a given email address, released along with the problem statement. Drafts of various parts should also be sent. The PDF should contain various parts of the 3-D model and the materials used to make each part. The PDF file should also contain a financial report, giving an approximate estimate of the cost of the model if built practically. The software used and the version of the software used should also be mentioned. The PDF file should have no more than 3 pages. The participants will be judged on the following criteria:

3-D Model: 50 points

Presentation of the model: 10 points

Drafts of various parts: 20 points

Solution innovation, planning and finance report: 20 points

Total: 100 points

The deadline for the submission of the email is 21st of October, 2016.

So, get ready for the problem and use your creativity to overcome it!

Registration and Participation:

Huge sums of students are expected to take part in this event. The SLDC is a major event and thus, will attract many participants, be it internal or external. The fees would be one time charge which would give access to all events of SLDC to the participant. Clashes need to be avoided by participant.

The registration fee for an ASME Member is 400 INR while for a Non-ASME Member is 650 INR.



Student Training Conference 200INR

Expert sessions: 200INR


STRATAGEM 400INR (team of 4)


SLDC Pass: Early bird (*before 7th Oct): 300INR- ASME MEMBER 600INR- NON ASME MEMBER



Combo (1 Student Training Conference+1 EXPERT SESSION +DOMINOES) – 250


Combo 2 (Student training conference +dominoes) – 150

Combo 3 (The Mechanical Conference + 2 Expert Sessions +DOMINOES) – 400



Benefits to our Sponsors:

  • Industry name to be highlighted as “Sponsor” on all printed as well as electronic materials used for promotion of event.
  • 10 (6’ X 3’) banners of specific industry to be put in the event area at specifically eye catching positions featuring the brand name and advertisements as well as promotions.
  • 20 (A2) posters of specific industry to be used during promotion of event in various institutes.
  • A speaking opportunity for a company representative to acknowledge and present the awards for few categories at the awards ceremony.
  • Industrial Partners would be offered with flair of arranging an expert lecture / workshop of collaborating industry / institute or current trend domains within which has an expertise of particular industry.
  • They would be allowed to set up kiosks for their product or service demonstration or branding at individual event places with a specified zone being provided to them.
  • 3 complimentary invites as a guest in individual venue places with appropriate hospitality zone including lunch and dinner.







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