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Public Speaking - An Art

Public Speaking – An Art

God has gifted every one of us with five senses, abilities. Ability to hear, taste, smell, feel and speak. I feel, amongst these god’s gift of being able to speak is the most special one. It is the ability to speak which distinguishes us from animals. We all might have the ability to speak but not all of us are good speakers.

 One’s ability to inspire millions of people through words fascinates me. Ability to speak in a way that inspires people is a god’s gift. It is said that “Speech is a mirror of the soul: as a man speaks, so is he”. From greats like Mahatma Gandhi of the past to leaders like Barack Obama of today, they all have something in common i.e. ability to inspire people, fill people’s mind and heart with certain emotions, to transform people’s lives through their words.

We are all born with the same brain but yet somehow we end up using different parts of it in varying capacities which, through trial and error, have become our comfort zones and thus our traits and our talents. But that does not mean that we are all not good orators.

Ever thought what makes some people such good speakers! Like every other profession, even speaking requires some skills, some qualities which gives them an edge over others at public speaking.

  • AUTHORITATIVE: Top-caliber speakers strike you as authoritative. You consider them experts. Clearly, they have mastered their topic. Through long hours of preparation, possibly even years, they have earned the right to speak with credibility.
  • ATTITUDE: The finest speech coaches suggest that a speech should become a lively conversation with your audience.
  • AUDIENCE:  Terrific speakers focus mostly on the audience. They find ways to involve audiences, creating interactive sessions, involving attendees in discussion, and directing meaningful small group activities.
  • ANECDOTES: As adults, we still respond to intriguing stories. People learn from and remember the anecdotes, not your statistics.
  • VALUE AND JUSTICE TO TIME: Time is precious and in a world where 24hrs are just not enough, donating time to another individual is like trading gold. There has to be something of equal value coming out of it.

We meet a lot of people in our lives but remember only those who sparked a change in our pathways of thought, word and deed. We get only a moment to do that for others and a chance lost is a chance regretted, for in the words of Shakespeare himself who said that “The world is a stage and we are but mere actors.”



Nikhil Raj

Nikhil Raj

Nikhil is confident and an extrovert pursuing his B.E at CBIT, Hyderabad. He loves meeting new people, playing cricket, listening songs and watches every movie irrespective of how it is. He hates violence and feels being good at everything is better than being perfect at something. He has been the topper since childhood and loves writing poems too.