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ParaShoot - Capturing Your HD Lives

ParaShoot – Capturing Your HD Lives

Camera  and handy cam  definitely plays a important role  in capturing unforgettable and  loving moments of the life, by viewing that in future we could generate the same emotion that was created in past  moments. But it is not possible to carry camera each and every place,may be due to its bulkiness or may be any other reason.

Moving to Led TV from old style bulky TV to PC to laptop each technological advancement indicates  moving toward Wearable computing or toward portable products generation. Parashoot, looks like a pendant, a device that aims to make capturing your life in HD video with a small price of $300.Due to its small size(48 x 30 x 11 mm) it is wearable recording unit like a jewellery or a lanyard  with the aim of making life’s important moments instantly recordable, without the need to rush for a phone or camera.

Parashoot hardware support  “all Smartphone platforms”, but it can also operate standalone. Advance feature of  cloud-based service plus  supporting micro-sd card are its distinguishing feature to store the image and video footage taken through Parashoot.Distinguishing app  service for providing social media networking and sharing are it s eye catching features for the user.

Aim to accomplish the fund of $26000 is seeing its peak closer as it has already reach $18000 with having a further 38 days  to raise that figure covering the on cost of first set of parashoots.

Cost of first shipment of 500 parashoots  is priced as $149 (international delivery costs not included)  slated for delivery in October 2013 including some goodies. So lets see how much this milestone could attract the users and create a milestone in the world of gadgets.