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The Art Of Giving : Narayanan Krishnan

What makes a human different from any other living things in the world, is it that they are good at making barriers with the name, religious, race, cast (never ending), or it’s that they are good at making a huge scams and pollute the world better than any other things on the earth. Well to be honest this is what we see and hear around us. But do we ever question our self “WHAT IS THE MY PURPOSE OF MY LIFE?”, even If we do that, the answer would very simple… “To get a high paid job and settle in foreign countries.” This may not be true in all cases but this is majorly happening. It doesn’t mean that there is standard answer to that, it just means that the answer to that question tells you what and who you are.

That very answer made a chef in a start hotel in to one of CNN’s   TOP 10 hero award, NARAYANAN KRISHNAN born in 1981 Madhuri, TamilnNadu. He was a simple man working in a Taj Hotel in Bangalore as a chef until the year 2002, when one day he saw a man eating human waste in hunger which changed his life once for all. This devastating incident made him quit his job and came out with an idea of feeding the needy people on the street who are abandoned, forgotten and left by the society. Since then he never looked back, in the year 2003 he established a small trust named “AKSHAYA” which started feeding the freshly cooked breakfast and meals to 30 people in the beginning and since then it served around 1.7 million meals till 2011 and still going on .

Narayan not only prepares and serves food but also does haircut, shaves and also provides them with the basic needs. He received many awards for his noble work like V-Rhythm award in 2011 at Malaysia, and was selected as one of top 10 CNN hero’s in the year 2010 and many more prestigious awards.

There are many other out there in our society who work and dedicated their life for the betterment of others and you don’t have to know the person to help with what you can, all you need is a helping heart. That’s all it takes to live for others and bring a change around you. At the end of the day what is that makes them different, it’s “SATISFACTION”. Because it’s true that our secret of life lies in the happiness of the others and that makes us human a spices with emotion and love for one another.

To know more about Narayanan and his organization check out the video below:

I am Drowning by Maxine Mathew

I am Drowning by Maxine Mathew

I am drowning.

I am drowning in failed hopes.

I am drowning in the disappointed faces.

I am drowning in my failure.

I try to rise,

To gasp for breath,

But am pushed down by the onslaught,

Of expectations,

Of disappointments.


I am drowning.

I am drowning in my unfulfilled promises.

I am drowning in my failed dreams.

I am drowning in my hopelessness.

I cry for help,

Yet none come forth.

I am overwhelmed,

By the jeering,

By the ruthless mocking.


I am drowning.

I look for motivation, but  I find none.

They expect, yet don’t support.

I am drowning in the discouragement.

I am turning back,

I am giving up.

But what is that,

I see a light, a bright shining light.

It seems to be calling to me.

Is it my redemption or just another cruel joke?


Yet it calls to me, just me.

I extend my hands towards it.

I can’t touch it yet,

Yet towards it I strive.

It is untouched, unhampered by expectations.

It is my dream.

I was drowning,

But now in my untouched dream,

I have found my redeemer.

A 1947 Love Story… in 2013

It was the evening on 3rd January where I was rambling with one of my buddy on the eve of completion of my semester final exams. The aroma of pizza from the Rasoi, a small food court near my house where delicious pizza’s are supplied grabbed us and we decided to order the pizza’s and pasta.

I was standing in the queue to order the food,Suddenly my heart started beating fast,sensing something different for the first time and my loose hair  flying for the winter breeze covering my face and I was trying to push it back of my ears.  Meanwhile I  heard a manly voice saying Execuse me! Your dupatta  back of me, I turned back and was pulling my dupatta from that man’s face. He wore a black T-shirt that enhancing his six pack and was handsome with the beard and mustache which made him look more manly.

For a minute I felt like he is the man every girl wants……He and his friend’s sat opposite to us and having the pizza, I was staring at him and he stared back , our eyes met for almost five minutes completely ignoring the world around us until he got a call.. He got up and went into a black scorpio hurriedly numbered AP15 BC 1947 by waving a smile at me and he drove fast.. I could not forget him From that day and ma eyes are always in search of 1947…

Be Productive this Summer

Holidays – What do they bring? What do they teach? What can we do?

It’s a hot summer out there (though coming to an end) and most of the engineering students have holidays now, well actually the funniest part is that we guys always have holiday when all the other cousins in the family and friends get started with their schools or colleges. So with no one around to hang out its quit boring . So I would like to share with you all the best possible ways to have good time in this holidays… Here we go….

1. “The more you laugh the healthier your” with this quote I suggest you that try watching comedy shows. Well to have an even awesome time I recommend watch the ultimate stand up comedian “RUSSELL PETERS”.If you look to have some jaw paining laugh, do watch his videos on youtube. I suggest you watch them with a bunch of friends.

2. We live in a very busy and competitive world where we spend very less time for our self.  holiday are best time to dedicate for self for their own personal hobbies like from painting to writing ,for them you spend some quality time in doing your hobby and am sure at the end of the day when u look at that it will give u lot of satisfaction.

3. If you’re looking for some adrenaline gush in your holiday than there are plenty of option available in our Hyderabad like GHAC-greater Hyderabad adventure club. Get registered and Contact in the given link below, you find many adventure sports are waiting for you.

4. INTERNSHIPS! It’s the best productive and coolest way of spending your free time. So just jump out and find them. If your in Hyderabad than there are many options available to you from working as a tele-caller to an event organizer. There are abundant opportunities, all just left is to search out for them. If you’re a writer and want do as an intern just check out this link –

5. For geeks, all have to say is that hoardings of many institute are always there to welcome you. If u want to learn something new and in ahead just get in to one of them and finish your course. For a single course it won’t cost you much either. In Hyderabad we have areas from Ameerpet to Dilsukhnagar all wide open to welcome you.

6. And if you are not still sure of what to do than you’ve still got another better option that is JUST STAY UPDATED at our blog –FEST.INFO. You will find lot of cool stuff around here from campus buzz to news allover, we got it all covered.

That all I’ve got for now. It’s very common that we spend our time watching movies and gym and many more but we can make your holiday much more worth and memorable one.