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Obsession With Exams

We are living in 21st century, a competitive world where everyone wants to be first in everything they do. It’s actually funny when we think that from the age of 5yrs, the moment we step into the kindergarten till the moment we retire life is a race.  We are expected to be making our parents proud. Life is full of exams; pressure to stay ahead, the fear of failure and results is the most threatening part.

I attended a family function recently and overheard parents congratulating each other on their children success in competitive exams. One among those uncles when asked about his son’s performance was rather apprehensive, seeing this others started to gossip. The basic problem among youngsters today is that they are living with fear of failure, growing expectations pressure and lack of confidence. Parent’s obsession with results is affecting them badly.

It is good to have expectations but those shouldn’t become a burden. Getting 90 r 95% would guarantee you an admission in a top university but what if we don’t achieve that, that’s obviously not the end of our life. There are possibilities that a bright child can turn into a high-powered professional and for 10years or more has no time for family, leaves the country and later confronts parents with “I have no time for you”?

One might not be bright in a conventional sense but can be less egoistic, more polite and interested in life other than career. Life is full of opportunities; there are thousands of fields, professions in which one can excel. Lord Krishna said, ” You have the right to perform actions but not to their outcome”. So one must try and look at one’s hard work, dedication rather than focusing on their results.

Nikhil Raj

Nikhil Raj

Nikhil is confident and an extrovert pursuing his B.E at CBIT, Hyderabad. He loves meeting new people, playing cricket, listening songs and watches every movie irrespective of how it is. He hates violence and feels being good at everything is better than being perfect at something. He has been the topper since childhood and loves writing poems too.