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How to Develop Self Confidence

How to Develop Self Confidence

Self- confidence, this term has a huge impact on every person especially students, because they often lack it at some point or the other in their lives. We all have crossed that age and have come a long way and there are some who still combating their inner fears. I wish this note helps you overcome certainly not all, but those little convictions that are not letting you open up to the outside world. So, I would like to tell you, the initial step in achieving your goals irrespective of what your field is to develop self- confidence. The best way to develop self- confidence is to do the act you fear to do, the act you are afraid of and get a record of successful experience behind you. By constant practice you will develop courage, confidence and assurance. Success in one field will kindle your enthusiasm, increase your confidence and motivate you to venture into other fields. You will learn things in your life only by attempting it and by actually performing the deed. The fear will wear off with familiarity.


Action and practice are therefore the key to get over fear and gain confidence. The great psychologist Emile Cone puts thus across succinctly when he says, if you persuade yourself that you can do a certain thing provided these things be possible you will, however difficult it may be. The individual who lacks confidence, who perhaps suffers from an inferiority complex, who is afraid, hesitant, diffident, must therefore first assume a positive attitude. He should take it for granted that he can improve. He can overcome his complex, fear and phobia if he starts with this faith or conviction.


You must persuade yourself to do a thing to accomplish the task. You must have a strong urge to do the task. A great powerful enthusiasm to do and win the lack of urge, desire, and enthusiasm makes you feel that you cannot do the simplest thing.

For motivation, imagine the benefits that will accrue you. Take it up as challenge. Face it as an individual. Whip up your enthusiasm. Be resolute and determined.

The gaining of self- confidence and courage, getting over the complex and phobia, the ability to feel calm and assumed, is not one- tenth as difficult as one may imagine. One does not require a special gift or personality for that purpose. It is just a question of practice, acquiring experience and getting a habit. All you need is the desire. Once you taste success in any field, it will prove contagious.

A renowned American psychologist, Professor James says that you have full direct control over your actions, but you lack such effective control over your feelings and mind.


Ignorance makes one imagine many incorrect things. Knowledge then drives away feels and false notions. Act bold, confident and courageous if you really desire it. Act positive and optimistic if you must succeed. Action is the only key to success. Act and you are bound to lead and succeed. Good Luck!

Where is the Happiness?

Where is the Happiness?

Everyone in the world right from an L.K.G student to a PhD   holder are familiar with the word HAPPY.One or other day we may have listen few sentences like, I will be happy if I get a good rank, I will be happy if I get a job, I will be happy if India wins the match, I will be happy if he/she agrees my proposal so on….

My question is y you should be happy only if you can reach your respective desires or goals?       y can’t you be happy first and try to reach your goals later with happiness?

Sometimes when we ask people about what they want to achieve in their life ? Few smart people answers that they want to stay happy in their lives…(actually they are not smart).who is stopping them in staying happy now and further? Indeed, themselves.

So where is happiness? Happiness is no where, it is within ‘you’. It is ‘you’ who creates it and it is the same ‘you’ who destroys don’t let the you  in you to destroy it . Stay Happy forever and ever because the people who are more happy with their lives stay longer in this world…..

A Girl Boy Relationship - Difficult But Not Impossible

A Girl Boy Relationship – Difficult But Not Impossible

We really live in a strange society, don’t we ? Its a common sight to see a girl and a boy talking to each other in any professional course. They are strangers in the beginning and when they acquaint themselves they become friends. Its quite natural that they might like each other’s company. But it does not mean that  they should be loving each other .

A boy and a girl of same age can have 3 relations. First, a brother and a sister. This relation is really a wonderful relationship. Second,they can be lovers. This relation is also great. The third one is that  they are just friends. Friends mean friends only, nothing else. Well,the third relation is also thought to be the second one by the society. Can’t a boy and a girl of same age be just friends?

The answer is yes, they can be just friends. Just the same way as a girl-girl friendship or a boy-boy friendship. What the people usually feel is a boy-girl friendship is a love kind of relationship. They may be correct at most times but not all times. The basic difference comes because they are of opposite sex. Well, they are humans only. Many deny the fact that its impossible for a boy and girl to be just friends for a life time. But I  don’t think its correct.

When both the boy and the girl decide to be just friends, they really mean it from their hearts, a friendship that lasts for a life time. Pure friendship can also be found in a boy-girl relationship. Well,its not possible for all I reckon.  I feel lucky that I have a friend who just does pure and whole-hearted friendship with me. By pure friendship means we do everything wholeheartedly.

We do respect each other and like our company the most. We do go for shopping,eat in bakeries and share a lot of secrets. We never have ego feelings between us because we do  everything from our heart. If we are angry with each other, we say it frankly. We have some little fights for the most silly reason possible and within no time we forget it. That’s the beauty of our friendship. We feel that forgiveness is the key to let go off ego feelings.

No matter what the world feels about us, we just don’t care because we know that we haven’t done anything wrong. We know that we are  the best friends in the world. The only difference is that I am a boy and she is a girl. The way the society sees a girl-boy relation must change and I hope so it does.

The most difficult but not impossible relation between a boy and a girl of same age is that they can be best friends but not lovers. Though the society sees that relation with a black heart, the relation between those friends will not change and will never ever change. Beneath their hearts, they know they are “friends forever”.

The Art Of Giving : Narayanan Krishnan

What makes a human different from any other living things in the world, is it that they are good at making barriers with the name, religious, race, cast (never ending), or it’s that they are good at making a huge scams and pollute the world better than any other things on the earth. Well to be honest this is what we see and hear around us. But do we ever question our self “WHAT IS THE MY PURPOSE OF MY LIFE?”, even If we do that, the answer would very simple… “To get a high paid job and settle in foreign countries.” This may not be true in all cases but this is majorly happening. It doesn’t mean that there is standard answer to that, it just means that the answer to that question tells you what and who you are.

That very answer made a chef in a start hotel in to one of CNN’s   TOP 10 hero award, NARAYANAN KRISHNAN born in 1981 Madhuri, TamilnNadu. He was a simple man working in a Taj Hotel in Bangalore as a chef until the year 2002, when one day he saw a man eating human waste in hunger which changed his life once for all. This devastating incident made him quit his job and came out with an idea of feeding the needy people on the street who are abandoned, forgotten and left by the society. Since then he never looked back, in the year 2003 he established a small trust named “AKSHAYA” which started feeding the freshly cooked breakfast and meals to 30 people in the beginning and since then it served around 1.7 million meals till 2011 and still going on .

Narayan not only prepares and serves food but also does haircut, shaves and also provides them with the basic needs. He received many awards for his noble work like V-Rhythm award in 2011 at Malaysia, and was selected as one of top 10 CNN hero’s in the year 2010 and many more prestigious awards.

There are many other out there in our society who work and dedicated their life for the betterment of others and you don’t have to know the person to help with what you can, all you need is a helping heart. That’s all it takes to live for others and bring a change around you. At the end of the day what is that makes them different, it’s “SATISFACTION”. Because it’s true that our secret of life lies in the happiness of the others and that makes us human a spices with emotion and love for one another.

To know more about Narayanan and his organization check out the video below:

Be Productive this Summer

Holidays – What do they bring? What do they teach? What can we do?

It’s a hot summer out there (though coming to an end) and most of the engineering students have holidays now, well actually the funniest part is that we guys always have holiday when all the other cousins in the family and friends get started with their schools or colleges. So with no one around to hang out its quit boring . So I would like to share with you all the best possible ways to have good time in this holidays… Here we go….

1. “The more you laugh the healthier your” with this quote I suggest you that try watching comedy shows. Well to have an even awesome time I recommend watch the ultimate stand up comedian “RUSSELL PETERS”.If you look to have some jaw paining laugh, do watch his videos on youtube. I suggest you watch them with a bunch of friends.

2. We live in a very busy and competitive world where we spend very less time for our self.  holiday are best time to dedicate for self for their own personal hobbies like from painting to writing ,for them you spend some quality time in doing your hobby and am sure at the end of the day when u look at that it will give u lot of satisfaction.

3. If you’re looking for some adrenaline gush in your holiday than there are plenty of option available in our Hyderabad like GHAC-greater Hyderabad adventure club. Get registered and Contact in the given link below, you find many adventure sports are waiting for you.

4. INTERNSHIPS! It’s the best productive and coolest way of spending your free time. So just jump out and find them. If your in Hyderabad than there are many options available to you from working as a tele-caller to an event organizer. There are abundant opportunities, all just left is to search out for them. If you’re a writer and want do as an intern just check out this link –

5. For geeks, all have to say is that hoardings of many institute are always there to welcome you. If u want to learn something new and in ahead just get in to one of them and finish your course. For a single course it won’t cost you much either. In Hyderabad we have areas from Ameerpet to Dilsukhnagar all wide open to welcome you.

6. And if you are not still sure of what to do than you’ve still got another better option that is JUST STAY UPDATED at our blog –FEST.INFO. You will find lot of cool stuff around here from campus buzz to news allover, we got it all covered.

That all I’ve got for now. It’s very common that we spend our time watching movies and gym and many more but we can make your holiday much more worth and memorable one.