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A View on Modern Relationships

A View on Modern Relationships

“Relationships these days are harder now because conversations become texting, arguments become phone calls, and feelings become status updates.” Hard to believe but they true indeed, people these days are busy in building their careers in to those paths which they want to walk through  have no idea what they are losing. And till they wake up they are left with nothing. (more…)

Loss of a Loved One

Sometimes it so happens that you lose something so important to that you don’t realise the depth of this situation until the truth is stated in front of you. Everyday you lead a normal life, as if nothing has changed at all. But at times the realisation  of the fact hits you so hard that you turn absolutely numb. (more…)

Life Feels Like Heaven

Life Feels Like Heaven By Nikhil

Life seems like heaven,

When my empty mind counts one to eleven.

When my heart is free from worries,

All the problems when god automatically buries.

When my mind and soul rest in peace,

When my stomach only allows pizzas, burgers with cheese.

When everyday is a holiday,

When every Monday and Tuesday becomes a Sunday.

When only by watching movies I spend my time,

When chatting whole day in facebook doesn’t become a crime.

Life really seems like heaven,

When my empty mind counts 1 to eleven.