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I Trust You

The three magical words !!! Sorry sorry I know your mind would think of something else , So I would redefine it as the three Powerful words that can change your life.  Nowadays the word trust has been taken for granted. I remember there was a serial title song on this word in Telugu, it was quite popular and had nice meaning in it. (more…)

Life of Engineering by Nikhil Raj

Life of Engineering

Life of engineering is an awesome journey,

Full of memories that are sweeter than the honey…

4th of Oct, 2010 it was, when my journey started,

Everyone was so excited…

Making new friends, getting ragged and the wish to be first was the say,

Felt like I became a senior the very next day….

Into the second year of my journey I entered,

How awesome can this year be I wondered….

I always felt time had wings to fly,

Two years were gone within the blink of an eye…

Then came the year of three,

People became busy with stuff like GATE and GRE…

Life was happy, Friends became closer,

But time as always was a miser…

I never knew when I entered the year of four…

My heart always wanted more….

All started running after a job,

Everyone wanted to prove themselves in the mob…

With only one more semester to go,

I think everyone might have realized by now…

That laughs, those times, the joy and that happiness are the best,

These times will always be better than the rest…

Coz life of engineering is an awesome journey,

Filled with moments that are sweeter than the honey…

I always Wonder

I Always Wonder

I always wonder why the time passes so fast,

Memories to be remembered are very vast.

I always wonder what life is all about,

Sum unknown attraction and love towards it I have got.

I always wonder why I came in this world of greats,

Most of the time we spend here, thinking who loves us and who hates.

I always wonder why people fall in love,

Why do they later regret, why did that happen and how?

I always wonder why people keep running after something,

Seems like they have nothing even after having everything.

I always wonder why our eyes are filled with expectations,

Why best of our success doesn’t give us satisfaction.

I always wonder why we are only happy sometimes,

As if we have done a hell lot of crimes.

I always wonder why money is so important,

Why the things that make us smile aren’t permanent.

I always wonder why trees r green, why rose’s r red,

Why even after having brain we behave like airhead.

I always wonder why we are the way we are,

Why every one of us cannot be a shining star.

I always wonder why I am wondering this way,

I wonder why my heart and mind doesn’t have anything to say.