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Life Feels Like Heaven

Life Feels Like Heaven By Nikhil

Life seems like heaven,

When my empty mind counts one to eleven.

When my heart is free from worries,

All the problems when god automatically buries.

When my mind and soul rest in peace,

When my stomach only allows pizzas, burgers with cheese.

When everyday is a holiday,

When every Monday and Tuesday becomes a Sunday.

When only by watching movies I spend my time,

When chatting whole day in facebook doesn’t become a crime.

Life really seems like heaven,

When my empty mind counts 1 to eleven.

Nikhil Raj

Nikhil Raj

Nikhil is confident and an extrovert pursuing his B.E at CBIT, Hyderabad. He loves meeting new people, playing cricket, listening songs and watches every movie irrespective of how it is. He hates violence and feels being good at everything is better than being perfect at something. He has been the topper since childhood and loves writing poems too.