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Kenguru - A Car Specially Made for the Disabled

Kenguru – A Car Specially Made for the Disabled

Sometimes, life can be cruel.  Cruel enough to rob someone the use of their legs for the rest of their lives as current medicine and technology is too risky, too taboo, or too expensive to seek out.  We’d like to see these people as ordinary people who don’t need any help.  They’re just like us – they just can’t use their legs anymore.  Sometimes it works, but there is an area where paraplegics always manage to feel humbled by their handicap: transportation.

Wheelchair-bound people know all too well what happens when they need to go somewhere far from home; they need assistance.  They’ll need someone to drive them, or the bus driver to lower the ramp and strap them into reserved seats.  They can’t do it themselves.  Well, in the United Kingdom, this may begin to change with the development of the Kenguru; a car made specifically for paraplegics.

The Kenguru is a small single person vehicle.  It opens from the back, lowering a ramp allowing the driver easy access to the vehicle from a curb.  The driver straps themselves in and can proceed to head off to their destination.

This is just a small inroad to transportation for the handicapped.  With only room for one, paraplegics can’t drive family around.  The Kenguru tops out at around 30 miles per hour and a single charge only gets it 60 miles.  Nevertheless, it will still get paraplegics where they need to go more often than not.

The Kenguru is available in the United Kingdom right now.  It is labeled as a scooter, so a scooter license is required.  It will be available worldwide for 25 thousand dollars.

Jalil Tucker

Jalil Tucker

An aspiring creative writer with a healthy interest in technological advancements and their effects on our daily lives