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2 Years of

A Journey of Two Years! marks it’s birthday today. Already two years? Well, the answer is yes. which started as a simple website to list college events and just college events this day two years ago now holds over 1100 events listed on the website. Started with 2-3 users and hardly 100 users a month back then, now we run with over 15000 users coming and checking fests on our website.

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This is what we have done in the past 2 years:

  • Started with a team of 3 but realized one didn’t want to work with it at during the first month. Became two and worked asses off and trying to get users onto the website. Spammed every friend and that didn’t work for months. Then we realized to just keep creating content and people will automatically come. This is the plan even till today. We are still two with one working mostly on it and the other one doing his MBA.
  • Just during the first month, partnered with Roboveda of SNIST, Hyderabad which turned out to be a success. That’s when we realized one way to get users. Partner up and give whatever it takes to the success of the event. Now we have over 45 partnerships with events all over India, organized 10+ tech events in Hyderabad and closing one partnership a week now. Proud to be a small part of contributing back to the community.
  • Initial designs and prototypes always look bad and today I wanted to share it publicly as to how we were planning to do and what we are doing right now. Here is the first prototype built in an hour.

Initial Version of in May 2012

  • After this, I scraped it myself and changed over 8 designs based in user feedback and also lots of lessons learned through user analytics. With the help of a designer we changed the branding recently which went on to be a big hit. My logo sucks 100%. Period. Almost every month I sit and experiment on new ways. All you need is a mentor when you don’t know how to get things rolling. Thanks to Ranjith of Deep Red Ink who shared his insights and ideas for taking to the next stage on which I am still working and will be implemented in the near future. Deep Red Ink’s support is immense with what will come for in the coming days. started on June 21, 2012 was never intended to be a startup but well today I think its appropriate to agree that we are a startup and no we don’t make money. We tried AdSense, Flipkart affiliates, amazon affiliates and realized users want pure experience and hate annoying ads popping up. We wanted to cover our expenses but no we didn’t generate anything through it. We just keep experimenting on it but that’s just to see what works. Blog - A Writing Area for Enthusiasts

We started a blog for enthusiastic writers to come on board and feel free to write whatever they wish to. We had a whopping 30 writers who have written over 150 articles in about 6 months. We have restarted it recently at due to some amazing and unexpected moments in the month of January 2014.

WE WERE HACKED! Yes, our website was hacked by some Turkish hacker and I am product of it. Such unexpected issues throw you back to basics. I never thought we would get hacked. I mean for what? There is no user data online at all and we do not collect any user data at all. We at have our own way of doing stuff and that’s why we are online till today and mark our second complete successful year.

A huge thanks to Santosh Kumar Panda for the new brand and the designs which make us look way better. Thanks to all the partners and events for keeping faith in us and hoping to jump on to a huge number by next year. Do like our  Facebook Page  before it is too late. Our motive always remains the same. Event listing and publicity at will be FREE and we will never charge our partners. Information should be free and events should always bring out the best talent. Keep supporting us and we will keep improving. Thank you.

Harish Kotra

Harish Kotra

Self-taught Web Designer, Blogger and an Android Enthusiast. Techie Author at and founder of, Loves Web, Wordpress & World (WWW).