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The Johari Window - Rediscover and Know Who You Are!

The Johari Window – Rediscover and Know Who You Are!

If you are questioning your self-awareness and trying to seek the truth about yourself, then you might find the Johari Window very helpful. It is a technique which was created by two gentlemen Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, which helps to get a better understanding of the relationship with self and others.


It is a grid like structure with four panes or windows transcending from the most obvious to the lesser known areas of a person’s life.

The first quadrant is the ‘Open’ or the ‘Public Self’ region. This is information regarding you which is known by you (‘self’) and also by others. You won’t mind discussing this part with others and most of the time you will agree with other people’s view about you pertaining to this area.

The ‘Blind’ or the ‘Blind Self’ region deals with what you do not see in yourself but others see in you. As for example you think you are very friendly but others might perceive you as no easy-going. This is not necessarily a negative region because you can think yourself as dumb but others might think otherwise.

The ‘Hidden’ or the ‘Façade’ quadrant deals with what you know about yourself but others don’t. This can be any private feelings or information which avoid and want to keep them hidden. It can contain your weaknesses and fears and also good qualities about you which you do not want to show off because of modesty.

The fourth quadrant deals with the ‘Unknown Self’ or the “Undiscovered Self’. This region contains information which is unknown to you and also unknown to others. The information can include beliefs, behaviors, attitude, capabilities etc.


The Johari Window is effectively used for psychometric analysis by self-help groups and in corporate settings as a heuristic exercise. This will help you get a better understanding of yourself and your behavior in a group thereby giving you a chance to be a better person.

So what are you waiting for guys?? Go on!! You can take the test online.

Aditi Sen

Aditi Sen

Aditi Sen completed her B.Tech in ECE from Amity University. She is a happy-go-lucky girl. Aditi likes to meet new people, watch movies, listen songs and visit new places.