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Indian Android Geeks Want The Next Version To Be Called “Ladoo”

Its a well known fact that Google names all Android versions with desserts and sweets with alphabetical order also. Read this post to know what Indian Geeks want the next version of Android to be named.

 According to their website:

“You know we continue to love Android. We poured our heart intoKajuKatli for Android and you disappointed us 🙁

We mailed KajuKatli boxes to Larry Page and Andy Rubin. We handed KajuKatli to Amit Singhal in person and also campaigned outside your Android building in Mountain View. But alas, you’ve decided to name the next version of Android as KitKat.

We are Indians. We have a big heart. We understand that there might be commercial pressures to do so. Or may be our voices were just not loud enough to make KajuKatli Android a reality. We still love Android and we are committed to see a version of Android that is dedicated after an Indian sweet. With enough advance notice this time, we request you to name the next version of Android as LADOO.

We love Ladoo, and we’re sure you will too! So, to make this deal sweeter, we are sending your team a box of ladoos very soon.”

Desi name will always sound good on the most loved platform by many Indians i.e., Android. If you also love it, go and sign the campaign and share about this every where you can. Go Ladoo for Android!

Android Ladoo Proposal Page on Facebook:

Website For Ladoo Proposal:

Harish Kotra

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