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India - Independence?

India – Independence?

15 August 1947, was the day in history were INDIA got its freedom from the brutal British rule. As a kid celebrated this day every year with lots of respect and saluting the flag and feeling great to be the part of country. But there always arise a question “Do really India is a free country??”

Other countries are still invading India. They build factories which produce goods they can’t produce in their own country for the same money, even if it means ignoring the safety regulations. Child labour is still common, and not a lot of eyebrows are raised when a ten year old boy serves us a cup of tea or a small girl cleans the floor.

  • Hundreds and thousands of people have been, and are being, affected by terrorism, still we say India is free and independent?
  • Corruption rules the country; still we say India is free and independent?
  • A sizeable population does not know where their next meal is going to come from; still we say India is free and independent?
  • A woman is not safe to walk on roads and being tortured brutally by the ruthless people who are no more less than animals.

India is a country where its culture and richness speaks about it. But at times we really have nothing to boast about our country in vain. Sadly compromise is the only weapon every common man adopted and stopped questioning but started adjusting to the situation. If a person get frustrated seeing all these next moment he goes and stands in the ever ending long queue to apply for visa so they can get wings to fly off to other countries. Ruled by politicians who can ever become the leaders of the country. Celebrating the 67th INDEPENDENCE DAY with a prime minister who only speaks once a year to add more glory to the celebration.

But all things apart I proudly say I am Indian and live in a country were any person can practice his own religion and lives with brotherly hood.

Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota … usse behtar banana parta hai @Rang De Basanti

Priyanka Shivalingam

Priyanka Shivalingam

Priyanka is a positive thinking person, shows a strength to cross any hurdle comes her way. Loves writing things which happen around her. Firm with her decisions. Coffee and dance are the best stress busters for her. Hates violence and she loves to be in peace.