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Dreams - Don't Just Let Them Be Dreams

Dreams – Don’t Just Let Them Be Dreams

I love sleeping for long hours not because I am lazy or I am tired it is just because whenever I close my eyes I see a dream. I do see some incidents which are miracles in my real life. As a kid I always dream to be in a land where no one speaks as “I m broken” “I lost my confidence” “I m lonely”. I always see a land filled with lots of hopes in my dreams. I see a real smile which is quite different from the plastic smiles. That gives me a new hope to face any hard reality which comes in my way. My mom always says”its good to dream”.

Life may show us many up’s and downs but you should ever stop dreaming, dreams make us feel lively. Dreams should be a part of our journey that helps you to find your path which is worth walk able. Don’t let your dreams just be dreams they turn to be the best one’s when you try putting them in reality. Life is full of surprises when you find a good in a bad”.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”- Walt Disney

Priyanka Shivalingam

Priyanka Shivalingam

Priyanka is a positive thinking person, shows a strength to cross any hurdle comes her way. Loves writing things which happen around her. Firm with her decisions. Coffee and dance are the best stress busters for her. Hates violence and she loves to be in peace.