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Social Campaigns, A quintessential part of Techkriti’15

Blueprint to a smarter planet, the underlying theme of Techkriti’15 not only focuses on technology but also on society. Scientific advancement has always been the need of the hour but that does not rule out the fact that it is the people who will benefit from it. In order to have a smart planet we need to have smarter and healthier people. This initiative has been taken up by the technological and entrepreneurial festival of IIT Kanpur. (more…)

Obsession With Exams

We are living in 21st century, a competitive world where everyone wants to be first in everything they do. It’s actually funny when we think that from the age of 5yrs, the moment we step into the kindergarten till the moment we retire life is a race.  We are expected to be making our parents proud. Life is full of exams; pressure to stay ahead, the fear of failure and results is the most threatening part. (more…)