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Bubl – The 360 Degree Camera Which Makes Life Easier

Bubl is the most innovative next generation camera which makes it easier to capture tours, videos and multiple views at a time. Also has inbuilt streaming technologies to make it more attractive. Read this post to know the inside and out of Bubl Cam.

Bubl Technology was founded in 2011 by Sean Ramsay, immersive technology enthusiast and digital strategist. Google Street View made many people aware of the possibilities in capturing spherical imagery, but they and others have yet to make the technology affordable, truly portable of available for market consumption. Our goal was to change that by providing a portable unit (slightly larger than a baseball) at a retail price point.

Bubl - The 360 Degree Camera Which Makes Life Easier

Bubl has taken the last 2 years to develop the bublcam to be a market ready spherical camera that captures 100% of the spherical range through panoramic photos and videos. Bubl also comes with bubl software to improve the usability of the camera. It allows users to look, up, down and in every direction and fully interact with the content they and others have created.

Main goal of bubl is to disrupt those markets that require a tool to map the world, capture inspirational sports moments, showcase tension from inside a political movement, cover treacherous weather events, secure personal or retail property, video conference a meeting, share a 4 year olds first day at school or just tell a really good story.

Watch this video to clearly understand what went into building this most amazing and sophisticated camera.

Kickstarter which is a crowd funding platform enabling everyone to contribute money to a project is where this amazing product has hit its goal to reach $1,00,000 and is going way above that already.

Know and read more about it on kickstarter here:

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