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Booking Railway Tickets With a Simple SMS Service Goes Live

Booking Railway Tickets With a Simple SMS Service Goes Live

Planned a travel? Simply take out your mobile and send an SMS to book your tickets and you are done. That’s it. Read this post to know the complete information.

Mallikarjun Kharge, Railway minister announced the launch of this new system “empower the common man who does not have access to internet and cannot afford to buy smartphones.” Kharge told media, “The new system will prove especially beneficial to labourers and workers who book tickets to their native towns as it is apt for them since it is quick and hassle-free.”

How to Start:

Remember two numbers 139 and 5676714. For using 139, register your mobile number with IRCTC and their banks. You will then get an MMID or Mobile Money Identifier and OTP or one time password from the bank for payment authorisation.

How to Book with 139:

  • BOOK [TrainNo][FromStn.Code][ToStn.Code] [TravelDate (DDMM)][Class][Passenger-Name][Age][M/F]

You will receive Transaction ID alongwith other details.

How to Pay with 139:

  • PAY [Transaction ID as received][IMPS][Your MMID as received from the bank][OTP ][IRCTCUserID]

To book with 5676714 users will have to first register their mobile number with IRCTC and m-wallet, and send an SMS to 5676714 the following way:

  • BOOK[From stn.code],[to stn.code],[DDMMYY], [Trainno],[Class],[passenger name],[age],[M/F]
  • Once they have sent that SMS, users will receive the transaction number on their phones. A second SMS will have to be sent to make the payment. The format is as below –
  • “PAY [transaction no], MPAY, [m-PIN]” for authorizing payment through MPAY


  • “PAY [mobileno],[mmid],[amount],[transaction Id],[OTP]” for authorizing payment through IMPS.
  • Once they’ve made the payment, users will receive a booking confirmation SMS on their phone.

For Complete Info Visit:

Booking tickets on mobile is an interesting concept but at the same time it completely works on every basic phone with SMS capability. Share your views below.

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