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Loss of a Loved One

Sometimes it so happens that you lose something so important to that you don’t realise the depth of this situation until the truth is stated in front of you. Everyday you lead a normal life, as if nothing has changed at all. But at times the realisation  of the fact hits you so hard that you turn absolutely numb. (more…)

Waiting For Sunshine By Vani Govel

My life has gone in this room

Waiting for the sunshine –

To hold me too tight

And never let me go

Because I have had enough,

Enough of this crap.

The time is high

Too much of waiting

Ohh! Waiting for the sunshine.

I wait for those flowers to bloom

The ones that used to blossom everyday

With my happiness and my joy

That would lead my tears far away.

But now it seems like

There is no value of my pain

and it has all gone in waste.

Ohh! Its been so long.

I am waiting for happiness.

The time is so high

That its driving me crazy

And nobody in the world

Knows that.

My life has gone like this tear

That will never come back.

I wish I could just go back

And feel again how my life was.

When I used to cry and it felt like the flowers did cry.

And when I used to smile, they ran high.

Ohh! Waiting for my sunshine

That shone on me,

Once upon a time

Because its high time waiting

Waiting for that happiness

Waiting for that sunshine..