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A Girl Boy Relationship - Difficult But Not Impossible

A Girl Boy Relationship – Difficult But Not Impossible

We really live in a strange society, don’t we ? Its a common sight to see a girl and a boy talking to each other in any professional course. They are strangers in the beginning and when they acquaint themselves they become friends. Its quite natural that they might like each other’s company. But it does not mean that  they should be loving each other .

A boy and a girl of same age can have 3 relations. First, a brother and a sister. This relation is really a wonderful relationship. Second,they can be lovers. This relation is also great. The third one is that  they are just friends. Friends mean friends only, nothing else. Well,the third relation is also thought to be the second one by the society. Can’t a boy and a girl of same age be just friends?

The answer is yes, they can be just friends. Just the same way as a girl-girl friendship or a boy-boy friendship. What the people usually feel is a boy-girl friendship is a love kind of relationship. They may be correct at most times but not all times. The basic difference comes because they are of opposite sex. Well, they are humans only. Many deny the fact that its impossible for a boy and girl to be just friends for a life time. But I  don’t think its correct.

When both the boy and the girl decide to be just friends, they really mean it from their hearts, a friendship that lasts for a life time. Pure friendship can also be found in a boy-girl relationship. Well,its not possible for all I reckon.  I feel lucky that I have a friend who just does pure and whole-hearted friendship with me. By pure friendship means we do everything wholeheartedly.

We do respect each other and like our company the most. We do go for shopping,eat in bakeries and share a lot of secrets. We never have ego feelings between us because we do  everything from our heart. If we are angry with each other, we say it frankly. We have some little fights for the most silly reason possible and within no time we forget it. That’s the beauty of our friendship. We feel that forgiveness is the key to let go off ego feelings.

No matter what the world feels about us, we just don’t care because we know that we haven’t done anything wrong. We know that we are  the best friends in the world. The only difference is that I am a boy and she is a girl. The way the society sees a girl-boy relation must change and I hope so it does.

The most difficult but not impossible relation between a boy and a girl of same age is that they can be best friends but not lovers. Though the society sees that relation with a black heart, the relation between those friends will not change and will never ever change. Beneath their hearts, they know they are “friends forever”.

Manoraj Koty

Manoraj Koty

K.Manoraj is pursuing graduation in Avanthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad.He loves playing cricket, reading newspapers,few novels and watching channels like Headlines Today, Star sports. He is an extrovert and can easily interact with other people with a fair amount of communication skills.