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A 1947 Love Story… in 2013

It was the evening on 3rd January where I was rambling with one of my buddy on the eve of completion of my semester final exams. The aroma of pizza from the Rasoi, a small food court near my house where delicious pizza’s are supplied grabbed us and we decided to order the pizza’s and pasta.

I was standing in the queue to order the food,Suddenly my heart started beating fast,sensing something different for the first time and my loose hair  flying for the winter breeze covering my face and I was trying to push it back of my ears.  Meanwhile I  heard a manly voice saying Execuse me! Your dupatta  back of me, I turned back and was pulling my dupatta from that man’s face. He wore a black T-shirt that enhancing his six pack and was handsome with the beard and mustache which made him look more manly.

For a minute I felt like he is the man every girl wants……He and his friend’s sat opposite to us and having the pizza, I was staring at him and he stared back , our eyes met for almost five minutes completely ignoring the world around us until he got a call.. He got up and went into a black scorpio hurriedly numbered AP15 BC 1947 by waving a smile at me and he drove fast.. I could not forget him From that day and ma eyes are always in search of 1947…

Harish Kotra

Harish Kotra

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